Vodafone Already Reaches 20 Mbps Down and 5 Up Real Mobile Internet

It seems that the famous 3G launched in 2004 now start to offer more than attractive possibilities and is that their continuous improvements have already made possible reach peaks of 20 Mbit/s real downstream and 5 Mbit/s of rise in Spain, thus achieving the best around the world under 3G speed.

These improvements will not only increase the bandwidth available if not that to optimize the deployment of the network simplifying your design, reducing maintenance costs, and saving on energy consumption.

Several phases of the network upgrade

  • Currently, the network Vodafone HSDPA already covers the 90.3% of the population and can reach in certain areas, speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps theoretical.
  • During the summer, as we already we not long ago, will begin to upgrade the network with HSPA + 64QAM which will allow speeds of up to 16.2 Mbps and will improve the current situation especially in suburban and rural areas.
  • In an approximate period of 12 months will begin to apply the newly announced HSPA + MIMO allow maximum download of up to 21.6 Mbps theoretical although this technology will begin to extend mainly in areas of high concentration of downloads.
  • Later applies technology Dual Carrier HSDPA which will allow speeds of up to 32.4 Mbps and 2012 will come the fourth generation with LTE.

Depend on these theoretical speeds of factors as the distance between the user and the base station or network saturation so that the actual maximum speed usually at least 25% less to the theoretical maximum speed.

Good intentions the announced by Vodafone in WMC If they finally reach the user adapting their current data rates and launching new devices compatible with new technology HSPA+.