Vodafone Also Modifies Its Rates of Self/Company

It seems that the modification of rates and conditions Vodafone not only affect individual customers and is that starting May 1, also change the rates for freelancers and companies.

In the case of professionals, the ascent It will be similar to the individuals by adding 0.009 EUR lower minimum consumption rates but possibly the Bill more notice it when it is applied to all the minutes and not the first as individuals new 90 x 1. The benefit rates will be higher minimum consumption although the single rebate will be paid 0.001 euros less per minute.

To make it clearer, then passed to summarize all the rates self-employed/business of Vodafone including rates that change and other modifications:

More plans, schedules and all-in-one flat will have the shared minimum consumption between all the lines though as novelty, He is required a minimum in each line of 4 euros (except one). The rest of plans (Plan 15-Plan 5 hours) they will not share the minimum consumption by what should eat in each line.

The free calls (where it is either pay call set-up) will continue to be limited to 1000 minutes free in every destination (fixed, between the company and the followers of the company).

The default data rate also amending matching of individuals and will cost 1.90 euros / 19 MB up to a daily maximum payout of 9.50 euros (before may the fare is 0.90 euros / 9MB). In addition access to Vodafone live! It will cost 1.90 euros/MB. In any case the speed will be limited.

Supposedly to be with one of the big operators includes a best and highest bid services but where will be willing customer to pay more than with an MVNO?