Vodafone Improves Your Plan 5 Hours of Company and Adds New Options

Today 8 may, Vodafone improve your Plan 5 hours for freelancers and companies coming to compete directly with the 4 hours + leisure morning/afternoon MoviStar Orange and Plan 5.

Let us remember that the Plan 5 hours for professionals of Vodafone has a monthly fee of 20 euros, which allows you to make free calls to any national destination during 5 consecutive hours chosen by the customer. Free calls have a limit of 1000 minutes per month and the rest of schedules is charged at 15 cents per minute (more 15 cents of establishment).

Improvements that apply from today to new customers as those who have already contracted this rate is monthly minimum consumption (additional to the quota) is reduced from 12 to 9 euros per line and in addition, the 5 free hours already will not be taken to only choose between three available if no stripes that each company can choose the 5 consecutive hours on the schedule that you want to Although the schedule will have to remain the same for the entire enterprise.

Within these improvements, in addition to the 5 free hours, Vodafone Launches a additional fee of 9 euro (that is not computed for the minimum consumption) some options for complete the Plan 5 hours with one of the three available modalities customers who are interested in them:

  • Plan 5 hours and Free time: Includes free calls to any national destination from Monday to Friday (between 20:00 and 8 pm) and during the weekends all day.
  • Plan 5 hours Fixed 29 hours: It allows you to make free calls to fixed 24 hours a day and includes receive the fixed on mobile calls to save you from the maintenance of the fixed with Telefónica.

Vodafone also launched a program of coverage for unemployed professionals which will enable a rate with no minimum consumption during 6 months and call by 15.9 cents per minute to any destination.

After the latest rates for companies launched by Vodafone, Movistar and Orange, we return to update our comparative rates of voice for businesses.