Vodafone Launches New Flat Rates

The evil called flat rates they are coming to all the large operators. It is now Vodafone which has announced the launch of several of them that, as always, are limited to a certain number of minutes per month, so it’s flat have little.

The advantage that will offer these Vodafone flat rates is that they will have discounts on other services of this operator or will choose some additional benefits. In addition, customers may benefit from a coverage program by unemployment or complete the activity for freelancers.

We will make a review of all these fees, since it can be difficult see all options offered.

Flat rates for Vodafone

The first of the flat rate offers 1000 minutes per month and you can engage themselves in two different modes: All y 24 hours. Mode All It includes national calls to all operators between 18:00 and 8:00.

Mode 24 hours It includes calls to Vodafone at any time of the day. You both are priced at 29.9 euros per month.

Flat rates Vodafone Mini

The second of the flat rates has the same model as the previous, but including 350 minutes of calls per month. Also offered in two modes. The of All It includes national calls to all operators from 18:00 to 8:00, and on weekends.

The of 24 hours It includes calls to Vodafone and fixed at any time of the day. The two cost 19.9 USD per month.

Super rate flat

Finally, the Super flat rate It allows to call all operators 24 hours a day by 99.9 euros per month, including 1000 minutes.

If you don’t need as many minutes, the Super rate flat 500 includes 500 minutes and has a cost of 59.9 EUR per month.


All these flat rates are exempt from high and low fee and do not require tenure, being compatible with savings plans. The price of calls when not apply rate flat must be 19 cents per minute, with a settlement of 15 cents.

With respect to the benefits that we mentioned, to hire a rate of 29.9 euros or higher can choose between calls 24 hours, calls on weekends or 1000 SMS to Vodafone numbers. If you want more than one of these benefits we can hire them for 9 euros per month.

When hiring a rate of 19.9 euros or higher can obtain a discount of 25% on the rate Internet flat, 40% in Vodafone at home and 15% on Vodafone ADSL 12 Mb, which will apply as long as the rate remains flat.

Flat rates for freelancers

Also the self-employed will have specific flat rates for them. They are three forms, the first of which, Flat rate 5 hours fixed It allows you to call any national operator 5 hours chosen and also includes calls to fixed 24 hours. Its price is 29 euros a month and allows you to receive calls from the fixed mobile.

The following is the Flat rate 5 hours free time that, at 5 a.m. to any national destination, add calls at night and weekends to any operator. Finally, the 5 flat rate hours navigation It includes those 5 hours and unlimited browsing from mobile phones.

Coverage program ensures that return rate for 6 months in case of stay without work, while self-employed workers who cease their activity may maintain its line without minimum consumption until the end of year.


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