Vodafone Modifies Its Prepaid and Special Contract Rates

It seems that the fall of the voice revenue over the past year to fact react to Vodafone and starting from the April 14 modifies a part of voice plans to up the price per minute of several of its fares but makeup with a small drop and expanding the number of free minutes of fares Star: 60 × 1 vitamin.

This change will allow Vodafone to raise a little more in the short calls (the most common) but as a “ award ” customers, become their vitamin 90 × 1 in each call approaching thus to Movistar promotions 100 × 1.

Changes will affect customers of prepaid card and the particular contract as we can see in the table below:

Update: Other rates climbing price of 19 cents per minute to 19.9 cents/minute are: community my country, vitamin free € 10 and vitamin sms at 50%.

The rest of rates (current and discontinued) will be maintained without any change.

Vodafone will begin to inform guests of this rise from March 2 through sms prepaid customers and by letter to customers contract.

It is increasingly clear how the large operators prefer to raise your rates and lose some customers who lower prices around the world so that their income would be reduced much more than by losing customers. Actually, the rise does not 1 cent/minute 60 × 1 contracts by what its users do not will notice it too but if that will mean a significant increase in revenue for Vodafone.

As it is usual in these cases, Vodafone reported that customers who do not agree with the modifications will be able to unsubscribe no penalty for this concept (may move a relax to a lower minimum consumption without penalty rate) but, according to Vodafone, if they will have to pay the penalty in case that permanence is by grant from terminal. ¿This is right? Who is right? The operator asking for the penalty for a mobile which has subsidized independently to everything else (since permanence does not imply better rates, but a discount on your mobile) or the customer who just wanted to stay under the conditions at the time of the signing and now wants to unsubscribe staying with the subsidized phone without fulfilling his part of the contract?