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Washington State is the most northwest state of the United States and was named after President George Washington. The state is located on the Pacific coast and borders Canada to the north, Idaho to the east and Oregon to the south. Around 6.5 million people live here, with the area around Puget Sound being more densely populated.

The capital Olympia and the world-famous metropolis of Seattle are also located here.

There are three national parks in Washington State, most notably the Olympic National Park on the Olympic Peninsula. Around three million visitors enjoy the unique nature in the far west of the state every year. The area is a real paradise, especially for hikers. Whether you walk along the coast, hike through the rainforests or climb the Olympic Mountains, which are up to 2,428 meters high, there is something for every taste. This national park has existed since 1938 and in 1981 it was classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

The Mount Ranier National Park is the oldest National Park in Washington State, it was established in 1899. Here is also the 4,392 meter high Mount Rainier volcano – the highest mountain in the cascade chain. Around one million visitors visit the national park every year.

The North Cascades National Park is also in the cascade chain, but further north, on the Canadian border. So far, this national park with its high mountains has been little developed and offers many retreats for flora and fauna as well as ideal conditions for mountain hikes. But visitors are not neglected here either. The Ross Lake National Recreation Area, which extends around reservoirs in the valley of the Skagit River and is a wonderful recreation area, should be mentioned in particular. Another area of ​​this type is the Lake Chelan National Recreation Area.

The highlights of the state of Washington can best be explored on a tour. Start in the largest city, Seattle. The most popular sights in the coastal city are the Space Needle, a lookout tower, the 285 meter high skyscraper Columbia Center or the First Ever Starbucks, the first branch of the iconic coffee house. Also worth a visit is the capital Olympia with the landmark State Capitol and the Victorian-style Thurston County Courthouse, which served as the Capitol until 1928.

The state of Washington is primarily known and popular for its nature. The Olympic Peninsula with its characteristic long stony coast stretches to the northeast. The coastal strip is surrounded by the imposing Olympic Mountains, overgrown with a dense rainforest. The San Juan Islands are located in front of the peninsula. Use your stay on this archipelago for whale watching and with a little luck you will even see orcas. Also in the north is the North Cascades Natonal Park, which is particularly popular because of the many hiking trails and the dark blue lakes.

Travel tips and best travel time
Seattle Tacoma International Airport is the largest airport in the state of Washington; there are also direct connections to several German cities. On arrival, please note that the time difference to Central Europe is nine hours. The climate in Evergreen State is temperate and humid. Especially in winter there can be very frequent rainfall. The best time to travel is therefore between May and September with pleasant maximum values ​​between 19 ° C and 24 ° C.

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In the 184m high “Space Needle” you can not only enjoy the food in the revolving restaurant, but also the excellent view.


Mt. Rainier covers an area of ​​around 950 square kilometers. On the way you will see plenty of nature and a rich variety of animals.


This long-established market has become an attraction because there are nicely arranged stands and a lot of goodies.


This museum is a monument to glass as an art form. It shows Chihuly’s work and it will amaze you.


Overlooking Mount Rainier, Seattle offers world-class restaurants, famous coffee culture and many attractions.

Welcome to Seattle! Because of its many parks and green spaces, this city is affectionately referred to as the “Emerald City”. Let yourself be enchanted by the unique flair of this metropolis in the northwest of the USA!

Seattle is located close to snow-capped Mount Rainier and is known for its mild temperatures, cultural attractions and sporting events that invite you to explore this diverse city all year round. Although Seattle has so much to offer, the city is never overcrowded. With the coast in the foreground and the glittering snow-capped mountains in the background, Seattle makes the perfect postcard motif.

Come to Seattle and experience a big city that has a lot of serenity and frankness to offer, and sometimes looks like a small town. Seattle is a location for dance and film productions; dozens of festivals take place every year. It is not for nothing that the metropolis in the state of Washington was voted one of the most popular cities in America.


Downtown & Shopping in Seattle
The first thing you should do in Seattle is to visit the Space Needle in downtown to get an overview from up there. Then it’s best to drop by the Pike Place Market and enjoy a day in the vibrant city life with excellent opportunities for shopping and going out.

Nightlife in Seattle
Be it rousing music or a romantic restaurant for two – no problem! A great live music program is offered in the Baltic Room, in the Neighbors or in the Tractor Lounge. Or relax with a cool beer in the Comet Tavern. Of course, Seattle also has a Hard Rock Café. There is something for everyone.

Near Seattle
What would your stay in Seattle be without a Pacific Whale Watching Tour or a walk in one of the many parks? Marvel at the picturesque beaches of the Pacific coast or the desert-like area at Yakima. The volcanoes on Mount Rainier are particularly impressive. All of these scenic beauties also make Seattle a paradise for nature lovers.

Pike Place Market
In the historic district of Seattle you will find the Pike Place Market. Here all shops still have their original appearance. You will also find colorful stalls and small treasures between market barkers and fish vendors. It’s great to shop here! And stop by the first Starbucks store from 1971, which is just around the corner!

Space Needle
The Space Needle is the symbol of Seattle and has shaped the cityscape for half a century. The 184.4 meter tower was built in 1962 for the “Century 21 Exposition” world exhibition. There is a viewing platform at almost 160 meters and offers a great overview of the city.

Museums in Seattle
Whether you’re a lover of art, history, or literature, Seattle has a museum for everyone. The Seattle Art Museum, the Chihuly Garden and Glass and the Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP) are especially recommended for art and music lovers. The museums are one of the highlights of Seattle – take some time for your favorite exhibition.

Green Lake Park
The park is centrally located in the north of Seattle and is surrounded by a 5 km long path for runners, skaters and cyclists. You can also go fishing here or go swimming. If you want, you can rent a canoe or even take sailing lessons. There is also a golf course in the immediate vicinity.

Washington Zip Codes