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The so-called Mountain State West Virginia has numerous natural gems. Use your stay here for hiking, climbing and rafting. The state of West Virginia is located in the east of the country and was part of Virginia until the civil war, as a result of which it split off.

The nickname The Mountain State already shows that large parts of the area are in the mountains, namely the Appalachian Mountains.


Charleston is the capital and largest city of West Virginia. Located at the confluence of the Elk and Kanawha River, there are numerous attractions in Charleston. The State Capitol with its golden dome and the excellent Sunset Nature Museum are particularly impressive.

West Virginia is particularly popular because of its location in the mountains. Numerous highlights and attractions await here. Breathtaking is the 518 meter steel arch bridge New River Gorge Bridge, the second longest bridge in the world, which crosses a 267 meter high gorge. Also worth a visit are the Cathedral Falls a few miles south of Charleston. These waterfalls plunge 60 meters and get their name because of their majestic shape. The Allegheny Mountains are a popular place for outdoor activities. You can go hiking in the middle of dense forests. This area is also extremely popular for rafting or climbing. Finally, in Beartown State Park in the north of the state you can see large populations of black bears in the middle of a rocky mountain landscape.

Travel tips and best travel time

There is no major international airport in West Virginia and therefore there are no direct connections from Germany. Yeager Airport in Charleston serves as the state’s most important hub and is served by numerous American cities. On arrival, please note that the time difference is six hours.

The weather in West Virginia is characterized by a rather mild climate. In the mountainous part of the state, however, the climate is rather continental, which means that the summers are very hot accordingly, but it can get very cold in the winter months. The best time to travel to this area is therefore in spring and autumn.

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Visit the scene of John Brown’s failed abolitionist uprising in historic Harpers Ferry.


This five-star hotel housed a top-secret government bunker on two floors for 30 years.


This 267 meter high steel arch bridge offers a magnificent view. It is also particularly popular among base jumpers.


The largest lake in West Virginia has a lot to offer: diving, rafting and kayaking or pure relaxation on a boat.

West Virginia Zip Codes