Westwing Guide Totetris Lamp

Lovers of the Geek-style decor, coupled with technology, games and comics will love the idea of ​​having a Tetris lamp. Colorful and dynamic, it adds value to an environment, making it instantly more modern and cool. This is a style of decoration that is currently used by many people who like their houses to reflect their hobbies and passions. In this trend, interior designers create more and more objects that make style possible.And if you want to take home some of this modern style of geeks to your home, using a Tetris lamp or other objects can draw inspiration from Westwing’s ideas. Expert when it comes to interior decoration, Westwing offers countless furniture and fittings that can transform and modernize your home in a few moments. And everything to leave your home with the face of your personality and much more charming.

What Is The Tetris Luminaire?

The Tetris luminaire is a table lamp in the format of the classic game via hetongdiy. Tetris was an electronic game created by Russian experts in the 1980s. In it, the player needs to stack solitary squares or sets that descend from the virtual screen so that they complete horizontal lines. When a line is formed, it disintegrates and the upper layers descend, accumulating points for the player. The game ends when the stack of pieces reaches the top of the screen.

Following the same line, the Tetris luminaire has several colored pieces that can be assembled any way you want. They can be stacked in various ways, which gives the Tetris luminaire several different visuals. You can use your creativity to mount a Tetris luminaire every day, changing the look of the environment daily. Have you ever imagined having such a fun light fixture at home?

How To Decorate With The Tetris Lamp

The Tetris luminaire becomes a fun highlight in any environment. It can be used on the center table of the room, on a niche shelf , on the bedside table, or anywhere your creativity dictates.

Because it is fun and colorful, the Tetris luminaire combines with more modern styles and more laid back residents. It can also be used to decorateadolescent room , leaving the environment more playful.

But nothing prevents you from using the Tetris lamp in a more classic setting, breaking the traditionalism and causing a fun contrast.