What We Expect from FIFA 17 (and What Should Happen)

Football games, so the sport itself, as in video games, always render heated discussions between the nerd public. Many do not like. Others are completely in love.

The difference is because those who love can see all the nuances that differentiate a game from another. But whoever does not like you think it’s all the same, and this perception of sameness makes the sport or game into something boring. It’s understandable.

Just by understanding these two poles, here I intend to present several details that may escape the attention of the general public. Not an attempt to convince that football is something cool, but just inform. If you like to absorb new things every day, this might be a good opportunity.

I am the team of lovers. Football games game for decades and have been writing about FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer There are at least six years.

The FIFA 17 is in development for a long time. As the Brazilian Gilliard Lopes, producer, EA Canada, the news are thought daily in production, but implemented gradually as generations of consoles and PCs allow.

I well I tried to get an official position of the company on the future of the franchise. Of course, for confidentiality, they could not give us many details. Still, we can work with two schools of thought here. What we want to happen and what should happen to the future of FIFA.

What We Want to Happen

Crossplay Between Consoles and PCs

Yes, this is a trend in the world of games and nothing more just to be able to play with your friends, wherever they are, playing on the platform they prefer. Other games like independent Rocket League can already do this, so EA should also be able to achieve this level of commitment to its customers.

And from the point of view of gameplay, choose between joystick and keyboard will not make much difference there.

Correction in the Arbitrators’ Accuracy

Yes, this is a point that causes me admiration and apprehension of the same ways.

Admiration, because the FIFA matches have become so dynamic that the judges have a behavioral factor that directly influences the outcome of the games. This is surreal.

Apprehension, because in some cases this behavior needs to be calibrated not to become something too strict. Some judges mark silly faults with the lightest touch.Others distribute yellow and red cards even without that shortages are violent.

These criteria need to be better evaluated for each match is minimally fair. I know that in the real world the referees make mistakes, but to the mental health of the players and the good of fragile screens of TVs, hopefully this imperfection is out of the virtual environment.

Correction Connectivity Bugs

Every online game is a battle. As the EA opponents distribution system always puts you up with someone on your level of competitiveness (or similar, up or down), it is not easy to move in competition.

This causes any loss to be received with absolute regret. It turns out that it is not uncommon in FIFA 16 , actually playing and even winning, view the system server disconnect you and consider that lost the game. Even winning the three points go to his rival.

This can not, in any way, in any mode of FIFA 17. Please EA, this is hair pulling. We rely on their expertise.

More Organic Comments and Other Narrators Options in Portuguese

This topic can not be understood as a vehement critique of the current feedback system, do not get me wrong. It is already very good, even. Commentators already do, in a way, specific placements on the matches in a very interesting way.

But you can improve. For example, not every onslaught of the ball is “bold”. Not every feature of a player must be commented on every game, much less more than once per game.

May enter comments about the week of the player, or statements about their income, about changes in their performance on the field, tips on tactical changes, things that happen in the real world, but with surprises factors and no repetitions.

Ah, for the Brazilian location, how about putting other narrators not existing ones, as option who does not? The solution so far has been heard Martin Tyler and Alan Smith with his British English. Not bad, but it would be a much better audio in Portuguese, at least narrated and commented by narrators and commentators .

personal request: allow narrators download packages. They can charge me there extra $ 5.99 or something like that, I pay top. Even for games bought here in the United States usually come without the Brazilian location, which forces me to have to import green and yellow version with each new edition. Thanks for nothing.

Smartest Quarterbacks

I know, the tactical defense system is better than the legacy system (yes, there are two forms of control related to defense only in FIFA, at least in non – gaming unranked ). It is high time that there is an intermediate system between the fully-automatic-with-a-button (Legacy) and the fully-manual-with-thousand-buttons (Tactical). And entertainment by.

It’s very, very common, especially among beginners, see quarterbacks passing complement beaten against the attacker. Attempting to take the ball all, in the middle of the field. Taking dribbles stupid way.

It must be an option (not mandatory) that allows intermediate players are able to play even in game rank, so that their backs do not act as jerks complete, without for that person has to go through a giant curve learning. FIFA is right next to a simulator, but it should be just fun. The current situation is much more of frustration than fun.

You Still Have to Fix the Speed of Athletes

This was a highly acclaimed topic in FIFA 16 , as it was improved a lot compared to its predecessor. We spent the true sprinters players only … fast. But more human. Still, some of the players need to be better calibrated, because its speed is still not equivalent to its version of real life.

Similarly, it is common to see quarterbacks medium or low speed managed to get in front of wingers and forwards, however, should be faster.

This control needs to be better balanced.

Greater Control in Career Mode

Much of the career mode the fun is possible to find good players around the world, and develop it within the club itself. Unfortunately, the feeling we get is that despite improvements over FIFA 15 , you could do more. For example, put the kids to play each other in the gym club, allocate professionals to train certain skills to either player.

Working emotional athletes. motivational questions, beyond the physical. All this would be very interesting.

Oh, and it’s past time for us to be able to manage the reserve players as well. Why not give us that option?

Real Technical

I know there is a whole cost related to license technical image, but as we know the personality of a coach can influence the success or failure of a team.

And if we had available to Mourinho, the Tite, Luxembourg, Ricardo Gareca, Pep Guardiola, Muricy Ramalho, Scolari or even Zagallo and the legendary Tele Santana to put in our teams?

Imagine how this could change the training? Or how would the press conferences?

Custom Creation Skills

It would be very cool to create custom moves and dribbling, according to a personal sequence of buttons. Fintas, touches on the ball, all this according to our players, respecting their evolution, but with custom commands instead of standards.

I know this is quite complex, since it could “break” the standard range of movements of athletes. But if you organize all right, everyone dribbles.

Scenario Mode Or Real Situation

What if we could play preset modes according to the current situation, both as a coach and as a player, and try to win in the game?

For example, assume the role of Tite in reshaping the Corinthians between 2015 and 2016? Or control the little Romario in the qualifiers of the World Cup 1994?

Control squad of Leicester City in place of coach Claudio Ranieri and see what happens?Zidane in the final of World Cup 98 against Brazil? Having in hand the control of Marta player in career start? That would be very interesting!

Computers Play as Their Friends Play

In Forza, there is a concept called Drivatar: virtual pilots that reflect faithfully the way to ride her and her friends. This allows even offline, you play against them in a simulation done by computer.

In FIFA 17 , we could see the CPU controlling a team, like a friend. And if she wins, the points could go to his friend, somehow.

That would solve the problem of playing with very weak teams against the computer, and make all that much more dynamic and human matches.

Brazilian Teams and Brazilian Leagues

Konami and EA are starring for years a real battle for the purchase of exclusive rights of athletes, teams and leagues. For consumers, this is bad. Same. The result is a cannibalization of football games, in which the two main market titles are in fact incomplete.

Yes, true monsters Frankenstein, with lie athletes or leagues that happen in half. This completely breaks the immersion, since the grace to play that particular league is to choose the favorite team and play against all its rivals in its entirety. This needs to stop.

But this is a much more complicated problem than we think, and I do not see a short-term solution.





actual behavior of twisted

Each team has a different appearance. Each of them with songs and especially different movements. Some are silent on a goal. Other scream even louder to push the team.

It would be great to see this dynamic at work in the stadiums of FIFA 17 or any future version of the franchise.

What Should Happen

Here we forget everything that was said in the previous topic and adopts a more factual perspective.

So far we know that the testing of FIFA 17 are already going full steam ahead. The so-called playtests have occurred at least three times between February and March, and in one of these situations someone leaked the possible cover of the game, which should come stamped with the player James Rodriguez.

Who reported it was a content producer on YouTube with over 180,000 subscribers. The image of the original posting on Instagram has been deleted.

Database Update

Every year EA updates the teams according to what happens in the real world and FIFA 17 this will be no different. I believe that new players, new tactics and moves, tactical schemes teams, will be incorporated into the new game.

FIFA Can Have a Story Mode

The example of what happens to the basketball game from EA, NBA 2k and fun and playfulness WWE 2k , FIFA can also get called Story Mode . At least that is what suggests surveys of British gamers and some of the latest signings of the Canadian company.

Of course, this professional can only be used to redo replays or create new animations.Probably we’ll know more at E3 this year.

The Brazilian producer could not reveal any details about it, but in this audio channel of Brazil FIFA he comments as a way history could be much better explored in ways outside the four lines of the field, given the appetite of gamers for something.

He also talks about how you can improve the variations of the players in each game, basing its evolution due to their mistakes and successes, one or more goals, violent entries and stuff.

Leagues and Asian teams, mainly from Japan and China

Never China’s football was with so many good players. Names like Ramires, Alex Teixeira, Gervinho, Guarin, Renato Augusto, Jadson, Gil and many others appearing in this league who knew how to use the abundant funds.



Last year we had access to some teams as Guangzhou Evergrande, Shandong Luneng, Beijing Guoan and Guizhou Renhe demoted within FIFA Online 3 option.

It would be a surprise if China were not part with more force in the new version.

In Japan this rumor has to make more sense when EA was presented as an official sponsor of the country’s main football league, the J.League.

If it results in a life of the Japanese team in the game, only time will tell. Following the usual schedule of EA, the new title of the franchise to be released in late September this year.

And you, fan of the franchise, what to expect from FIFA 17?





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