WhatsApp Already Has Video Calling in Beta: Thus Operate

It was a secret that video calls were going to get to WhatsApp sooner or later. First filtering on the subject heard it in December of last year and since then with dropper have been seeing as, sometimes mistakenly, that Yes, video calls made an appearance in the beta of WhatsApp, but failed to run.

The truth is that beta testers have already months playing with video calling and after its tests on WhatsApp for Windows Phone, it was clear it would not take Android to reach. They are already here, although by now as it tends to be only in the Beta version of WhatsApp, available in Google Play after sign up to the beta, or from the APK. OS version 2.16.318 or higher.

Calling with video

It is not difficult to start a video call as the button for this is located next to the button for the normal call. You will find it in the tab calls, in the contact card and in the top bar any chat (the icon is the phone, but then a menu lets you choose video call).

The call is initiated after pressing the camera button and you can see the preview of how handsome are, so you can do your hair until you see the other person. Both you and the other person need to have WhatsApp Beta, otherwise a notice window will tell you exactly that.


WhatsApp video call function is very in line of the existing call function… but with video. Don’t expect miracles, does not work neither worse nor better than other applications like Google Duo: If your connection is good and stable, It will work well, if not, the video occasionally pauses for breath.

The only buttons available during the call are the of hang, change camera, return to chat y silence your microphone. If you do, the person receives a notice in the middle of the screen It can not be hidden and that, all told, is something annoying.

The the chat button It continues with the call but allows you to return to chat to respond to other conversations or send some text notes. Some leaks indicated that in the future by pressing this button the video call will be displayed in a floating bubble, but for now is hidden completely, relegating to a notice on WhatsApp, with included display error bar.

It is something not well framed here…

Moreover, there is much more to comment on this first public version – although beta – video calling WhatsApp, apart from that at the end of a call, you have the possibility of rate the reliability of the connection.

Now video calling WhatsApp they are not integrated with the Google Contacts API, so it is not possible to start a video call directly from the contacts application. There is also a widget or shortcut to launch a video call, as if with other applications.

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