WhatsApp Extension Adds More Features to WhatsApp, Requires Xposed

WhatsApp is lately, adding many new features in your messaging application, such as the identification of two steps, video calls or new States, but always remain a popular application there is who asks more options and more customization.

If you have your phone rooted and with Xposed, an option available to you is to install one of the Xposed modules designed to modify WhatsApp with more options. There are several, as it is the case of WhatsAppX, but the project is now discontinued. In its place comes the new module WhatsApp Extensions adds many additional features to WhatsApp as different backgrounds for each contact, reminders to respond or hide the last time that you conectaste.

WhatsApp features Extensions

Xposed WhatsAppX module was born about two years ago and since then WhatsApp has included several of its functions in the application, as in the case of fast responses or messages marked as favourite. The project is abandoned, but WhatsApp Extensions has come to the rescue recovering some additives that WhatsApp still has not officially included.

No shortage of options designed to protect your privacy, hiding when you conectaste for the last time, reports when you read a message, and at what time. Although WhatsApp lets you do this from your options, doing so you also can see this information, which does not happen with WhatsApp Extensions.

The complete list feature of WhatsApp Extensions is as follows:

  • Option to call directly using a normal call
  • Blocking specific chats
  • Reminder to respond to chats later
  • Highlighted chats
  • Different wallpaper for each conversation
  • Permanent active chats
  • Hide last connection
  • Hide reading reports
  • Hide message sending reports
  • Hide bottom bar camera button
  • Zoom in the photo’s profile
  • Replace the call button
  • Tap messages to reply, forward, or see info

Xposed installed on your mobile and download and activate the module you need to start using it. Is in the official repository of Xposed as well which should not cost you find it, but here’s the direct link. Please note that some features are experimental or may stop working at any time when WhatsApp to make changes in your application (which happens often).