WhatsApp in 2016 Has Changed: Its 11 Major Improvements

WhatsApp has been with us on Android since August 2010, already more than six years ago. It is an eternity in terms of technology, but if you stop to think about it, does not seem to have changed much to have a long career.

However, 2016 has been characterized for being the year in which WhatsApp has stepped on the accelerator of the changes and improvements. The year you’ve been in a coma or want to review all that added WhatsApp this year? Here’s an overview with the eleven major changes of WhatsApp.

1 video calls

We started not in chronological order, but of importance. And the biggest thing this year in terms of WhatsApp is undoubtedly video calls. It was the eternal unfinished whatsapp, which had only so far from voice calls, and from October WhatsApp can already claim to offer video calls.

WhatsApp video function in acceptable form. Consume more data What we would like for the quality that they offer, but this fact is probably offset by the brutal community of users in much of the globe.

2. text formatting (bold, italic…)

Another interesting change that we receive this year is the ability to format the text easily using codes. In this way, your posts have no why always plain text, they can be included bold, italic, Strikeout and monospace font.

To highlight text with special format you must include special characters such as hyphens or asterisks on each end, as you can see in this article. It is very easy: e.g. * Hello * becomes in Hello.

3. free

An interesting novelty is that WhatsApp ceased to officially be a subscription service this year, particularly in January. Until that time you should pay a euro per year to use the service, although it was quite common to be pardoned when if you did you Mexican Institute of sound.

4 mentions and replies

Chats, especially group, could easily become a mess when many people talk to each other and it is not clear who you are targeting or who are responding. With two significant improvements WhatsApp has managed to put some order in this matter.

On the one hand, it is possible respond to specific messages with quotes, leaving clear what are responding. On the other hand, it is possible to mention to users from a group naming them writing their predictions symbol name @, as for example @paquito.

5 end-to-end encryption

End to end encryption takes several years ringing in WhatsApp but its implementation until this year was quite irregular. From April WhatsApp encrypts all your conversations (messages, photos, videos, etc.) with all your contacts.

Encryption enabled by default in all conversations (in fact displayed a message alerting you of this) and also you can check CCAN its operation by comparing codes with your partner, with the help of a QR code.

6 WhatsApp for PC

One thing that we really did not expect was the customer of WhatsApp for PC, for Windows and Mac, which joins the already existing WhatsApp for the web. The truth is that the experience at the end has been a little sweet and sour WhatsApp for PC client is basically the web version stuck in a box, but the intention has, isn’t it? At least a little.

7. transmission of documents

Messages, photos, videos, voice, contacts and locations clip joined a new type of file that you can send: documents. That Yes, when WhatsApp speaks of ‘documents’, actually refers to documents, since it is filtered so that you can only send files PDF, Word, Powerpoint, Excel and TXT.

8 animated GIF

It has taken, but this year finally WhatsApp has introduced support for animated GIFS. We saw them for the first time in August, although in successive versions function has been improved gradually. It is possible to create Animated GIF from short videos and share animated GIF which you have saved in your mobile.

That Yes, which for now can not be WhatsApp is Search GIF animated online directly to include in emails. For this you will need a keyboard or third party application… or wait and see if it comes in 2017.

9. new Emojis… and giant

WhatsApp has adopted the iOS emoji as their own, and so it displays them across all mobile platforms, including Android. Therefore when it is updated to match the latest changes of emojis in Apple’s operating system. Thus, during the year we find the emoji from taco, burrito, flag Rainbow, water gun, and more.

With the new emojis us also came the giant emojis. Or, at least, larger than normal. The operation is simple: If you send a message that only has an emoji, is shown larger than normal. If they are two emojis, slightly larger than normal, and so on.

10 drawings and stickers

Sending photos has been enhanced during the year with functions as the front flash for selfies and zoom in the video recording, but the most important change undoubtedly was editing photos and videos by adding stickers, text and scribbles.

11 check in two steps

It is not to be really useful, but in any case, who wants it, here it is: the check in two steps of WhatsApp. To activate it, you must confirm that you are when you you re-install WhatsApp again, using a message that you will receive to your e-mail address.

This has been eleven more relevant changes of 2016 WhatsApp reviewing and the truth is that, once seen in perspective can be seen better how much has changed the messaging application once sinned to be somewhat slow compared with the competition. The last change is coming, and it is the end of the compatibility with very old versions of Android. If you have Android 2.2 or earlier, in 2017 WhatsApp will work you… or not.