WhatsApp Two-Step Verification Is as Annoying as Useless

After using WhatsApp insofar as so when a month ago included the verification of two steps decided to give it a try. It is not to the content of the messages inside, but no one bitter you import me too an additional security layer. At the end and all, being an application that only runs on a device linked to a phone number, only theoretically you would need to enter that code every time you re-install WhatsApp, very occasionally.

It is the theory, but practice is quite different. From the beginning in two steps of WhatsApp verification has been a little strange and this affects such absurd situations such as constant request that you enter your secret code, to help you remember it. Leave me alone, WhatsApp.

Remember me

As you mentioned in our tutorial on how to enable the verification in two steps in WhatsApp, you must include a six-digit numerical code, to protect your account in the hypothetical case that you lose your phone number and another person register with WhatsApp with him. The number will be yours then, Yes, but unless that person will not receive pending messages that were targeted to you.

When this hypothetical person with your old telephone number try to create your account at WhatsApp, you will be asked for the secret code. You won’t have it, of course, and you must wait seven days to create your account. The utility is really well limited accounts are linked to phone numbers, so only the true owner of that number will be able to verify it and, therefore, to reach the second step. It also is likely that that person be you, to re-install WhatsApp on a new mobile.

In any case, a small nuisance once a year would be offset by having our own a little better protected. The problem comes in that the discomfort is not once a year, but daily. WhatsApp not to ask, over and over again, to enter your secret code, to help you remember it. In this scenario, you have only two options: write the code or disable verification in two steps. As well, as is.

It should be noted that this request does not amount to your chats with password protection. That could be considered even useful, and there are several applications with that particular feature in Google Play. This request of WhatsApp really It does not prevent an intruder to access inadvertently to your chats, Since you only have to press return and open WhatsApp again to access the content.

Even during a careless, someone with bad intentions could even disable your check in two steps. You just need to press You forgot your code y Disable and it is. You don’t need to write your code and you will not receive notice of any kind, so unless you go to Features – check in two steps, or you find out.

What to do instead

As we have seen, the two-step verification really looks more like an attempt to WhatsApp to get more scores by functions in comparative that something really useful. You will only when someone has your old WhatsApp and attempt to log. This is something that of course happens every day, and if you’ve changed your number probably have already created a new account of WhatsApp and you of somewhat equal few old messages that arrive to the old number.

In any case, WhatsApp has the option of change number, What migrate your account information, your groups and settings to a new phone number. Instead of forcing yourself to remember a PIN code every few minutes, remember to move your WhatsApp to your new number and it’s over. Not only will be less annoying to you, but also to the new person who receives your old number, you should not wait 7 days to create your account.