Cyprus vs Greece

Where to Go: Cyprus vs Greece?

The choice of a good resort depends on the wishes, preferences and, of course, the financial capabilities of the tourist. Cyprus and Greece are famous for their wonderful climatic features that will delight you with soft, warm sun, pleasant sea air and, of course, endless relaxation from the daily bustle. Their sandy beaches and warm sea beckon vacationers with romance that reveals ancient legends.

Despite the similar natural conditions of Cyprus and Greece, each of these countries will please the guest with original, tempting offers that will make the choice of a tour easier.

Therefore, if you still do not know where it is better to go on vacation: Cyprus or Greece, pay attention to the sights of the countries, the quality of service in hotels, the variety of entertainment, as well as their cost.

Active recreation “In search of antiquities”

When going on vacation to Greece, it is important to take into account that the variety and richness of bright sights temptingly attracts to the study of ancient relics, visiting many museums and temples.

So, a mandatory step in any tour of mainland Greece is to visit the Acropolis. This place is a real treasure, where ancient Greek history and modernity merge together.

Unfortunately, due to the grandiose sights scattered in different parts of Greece, tourists will either have to spend a lot of time traveling, or refuse to contemplate some of the beauties of the country.

Note that many islands also have magnificent castles and significant temples. Crete with its palace of Agia Triada and Rhodes with outlandish monuments can safely be called the best places in Greece.

According to topschoolsintheusa, Cyprus is not so rich in treasures of ancient times, but there are highlights here that should not be overlooked. The big advantage of the resorts of Cyprus is the small size of the island, which means that during your vacation you can see all the beauties of the country, just by renting a car.

Visit the Tombs of the Kings, discover the unique palace architecture and enjoy every moment of new discovery.

Nightlife is part of youth recreation

If older people or couples with children prefer to choose hotels and resorts based on the criterion of what is best for their peaceful, quiet vacation, then young people are looking for noisy parties on the beaches and exciting performances.

For every young person, Cyprus has become an excellent alternative to Ibiza, because prices here are much lower, and the comfort of hotels allows you to get the most out of your trip.

If we consider what is cheaper: holidays in Greece or Cyprus, it is important to emphasize that Greece is an unpretentious country where it is easy to relax with the whole family for a moderate fee.

On the other hand, by slightly increasing the cost of the tour, in Cyprus you will live in a 5-star hotel, sunbathe on a clean, well-groomed beach, and also be able to attend parties that you will not see anywhere else. Having set your priorities, you can easily make a choice between Greece and Cyprus.

Cyprus vs Greece