Why the Arrival of Amazon AWS to Brazil is Important

Finally we have a data center in São Paulo Amazon Web Services (AWS). Now that the arrival of AWS here means for developers, consumers and the market for IT in Brazil?

The basic premise of Amazon AWS is a cloud computing (cloud computing). All available services run on a network of servers that divide, allocate and optimize the use of resources. But to speak better of resources, you need to answer a question: what Amazon, a retail company, is making in the technology market?

Because of the computing platform in the clouds to drop a server does not mean the interruption of any of the services. The model “pay for what you use” also allows the operating cost is much lower.

To get an idea, if you need a temporary extra server, the traditional business model requires a server that is engaged for a month and the price will paid according to the selected feature set. In the AWS, the user can allocate 10 machines for heavy work, turn off all after finishing and follow with your site, service or product in the air without interruptions, delays and only paying for what used.

The impact of AWS in Brazil

One of the major IT infrastructure problems in Brazil is the cost. The rent of a server in Brazil, for any purpose, it costs 2 to 10 times the price of a similar configuration abroad. So much so that it is not rare the option to hire services abroad (as is the case itself our site, a Brazilian site hosted in the US).

And make no mistake, most companies that offer hosting services in Brazil practice resale. Hire a server in the United States, place a garment in Portuguese and sell at a profit on the unsuspecting consumer.

Being hosted further, hence access to a site will be slower than if accessed by a national link. In the case of large companies that rely on agility, for inventory control, logistics, and any other type of operation, a delay millisecond can cost a good money. These companies end up spending more to hire an expensive service in the bands here.

The launch of AWS in Brazil will enable a new wave of hiring low cost and high quality in domestic services. This means faster sites, better services and lower costs. Consequently, the impact it can affect other hosting companies, which will have to invest more in quality and resource optimization. Indirectly, it all can influence the consumer’s pocket and the quality of services provided.

And how big is that AWS we are talking about? Foursquare, Instagram, Reddit, Hootsuite, Minecraft, Dropbox and Tumblr are just some famous sites that use some of them service. In Brazil, I identified the Globo.com and Busk using.

AWS operation in the country is also a sign of a first step of Amazon’s operations in Brazil. It will not surprise me if next year they start once the sales retail here, since the national e-commerce scenario only grows. This year the growth in the segment is now 35% compared to 2010.

Netflix, Amazon, World of Warcraft. The year 2011 has shown that the new gold rushbegan and takes place in Portugal. Good for them, making money, and for us, we gain more service options, entertainment, shopping etc.