With LG Paying Microsoft Already Makes Money by 70% of Terminals Android Which Is Sold

Whenever we mean the name of Microsoft in this publication we have practical security which is for a patent issue. It is not easy to stop thinking that knowing the continuous battles winning without hardly rest their lawyers where rare is the month that not talking about a new victory of this company in topic patent. So many are his victories with the theme that already make money with the 70% of Android handsets that are soldn.

Thousands of possibilities of the continuity with this war, there’s so much money that is gaining as, according to Google, the lack of success of Windows Phone in the plane of the smartphones, all of them are perfectly valid, and now this war has claimed a new victim, LG, you will have to pay a royalty to Microsoft if you want to sell terminals with Android. Although the exact amount has not come to light, seeing past resolutions, it would be very risky to assume a figure between 20 and 35 dollars for each sold terminal, canon which will surely end up fall in the price of the evil of the final consumer terminals.

LG joins the list of companies of the Microsoft out party: HTC, Samsung, Compal, Wistron, Quanta, Acer, ViewSonic, General Dynamics Itronix, Velocity Micro, and Onkyo. This is not a good news you look at you look at, because in the eye of the hurricane is Motorola Mobility, currently owned by Google and even in lawsuits and no sign to know for certain who will be the winner of a war that has no compassion with the manufacturers that decide to use Android in its terminals.