Women’s Denim Jacket: Models and How to Wear!

The women ‘s denim jacket is that kind of piece that always deserves to be in women’s wardrobes.The super versatile piece is between fashion and fashion, but can always be used in looks, so it’s worth having at least one model of the jacket to make incredible looks.

If you want to invest in a joker model and learn ways of how to wear the denim jacket, here ezhoushan arranged the post for you to make the right choice:

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The short denim jacket versions follow the little ballerina style. And having reduced length is a great choice for balancing looks with long dresses, long shirts, overalls and little monkeys.

The only warning for this type of piece is related to those who are overweight, since the shorter length tends to draw more attention to the upper body, and adding even more volume in that region.

Women with larger breasts should also be careful with the short jacket not to add even more volume.


Versions of sleeveless jackets are known jeans jackets.And if until then you were afraid to bet on this type of piece, it’s time to beat this fear and bet on the looks with vests, since the piece promises to be trend in the fashion world.

There is no rule in the composition of the looks with vests, but the jeans part tends to leave the casual look , so it is worth the composition with legging, pants, dress, short, monkey;That is, the piece is joker for a stripped-down and modern-style overlay;Valuing even the basic look.

With income

If the idea is to invest in a more delicate look and turn the women’s jeans into a part with a more feminine touch and run away from the stripped, bet on models with lace details.

The most delicate fabric used with the jacket tends to leave the piece balanced between the delicate and feminine, and the stripped .

To invest in the women’s denim jacket with lace, you can choose from several models, among them:

  • Application of lace like ruffles in the length and part of the sleeves;
  • Detail on lace on the back;
  • Overlap of income in part of the piece, as in the pockets;
  • Sleeves made of lace.


For those who want to bet on the look with stripped down , the destroyed style models are the perfect option.

The piece can be bought ready or customized, in order to renew a clothes that you already have and spending nothing or almost nothing.

For the composition of looks with destroyed female jeans jacket, it is worth using a more neat piece underneath, like a dress, and overlap the jacket to create an interesting contrast of styles.The result is harmonious and full of style for anyone who wants to stay within the trends of the fashion world.


If you already have a women’s jeans jacket, but tired of it, it’s time to renew the piece and invest in a DIY project to create a new piece with economy.

With creativity and inspiration you can create incredible pieces, and some options to transform the basic box are:

  1. Apply pearls on shoulders to make the piece more delicate and feminine;
  2. Customize with other fabrics and spikes / tacks;
  3. For those who have the ability to paint fabrics, you can use the technique to paint the women’s jeans jacket;
  4. Apply sewing designs (patches) that can be purchased in stencils.

How to Wear Jeans Jacket? Looks

With dress

If you follow the looks fashions, surely you have already seen the new trend that is to wear dress with sneakers , and that was the basic proposal of the look. And not to be in the basiquinho visual the bet was to include in the look the jacket women jeans as overlays to make the look even more fashionable.

In this proposal, the idea was to wear the jacket just rested on the shoulders, and the result is super charming. Contrary to the previous proposal, here the look follows the neat trend, with round dress and heels. In order not to totally break the look neat the jeans jacket, the bet was to use an embroidered model, which enhances the look.

You can also take advantage of the tip of wearing the jeans piece with long dress , as in this look. Here the dress in shades of blue is ideal for day to day, and the overlay with the jacket creates a charming detail that increases the look, leaving the result more fashion.

With pants

The idea of ​​wearing denim jeans is one of the trends in the fashion world.In this proposal of the look, the composition was made with darker jeans and lighter jackets, creating a mix of tones of jeans and keeping the look in the color chart of the shades of blue.

Another proposal to look all jeans is this composition.In this case, the bet was to wear pants and women’s jeans in the same colors, keeping the look in total harmony.To create more fashions points and get out of the basics, it’s worth getting inspired by this idea and entering more details, such as the leopard scarf and the pink shoe.

With skirt

If the intention is to produce a feminine look and full of fashion information, bet on this look.Here the round skirt leaves the composition delicate, and the printed tunic comes out a little bit of the little girl.The overlay with the jacket was a great choice of third piece, as it takes away some of the light-colored look and adds more detail to the look.

In this proposal, the idea was to add the women’s denim jacket to keep the look delicate.For this, the bet was to choose a model of jacket more delicate and feminine, and with more marked waist.In the remainder of the composition, the bet was for the pleated skirt at the knee and basic camisetinha inside, keeping the belt marked with the aid of the belt.

With shorts

The yellow fabric shorts were the choice for this look.The proposal for a look for the day includes t-shirt, canvas sandal and leather bag.The lighter-toned women’s denim jacket keeps the look harmonious and becomes an important point to leave the modern look.

How to Customize Jeans Jacket – Step by Step

  1. In a sprinkler, pour bleach and spray on points on the jacket;
  2. Let it dry overnight;
  3. The other day, when the women’s denim jacket is already with spots, apply tacks on the piece to decorate it.
  1. Add pebbles along the entire collar of the jacket;
  2. Remove the sleeve from the jacket;
  3. Make another sleeve with another fabric, such as leather;
  4. After the new manga is ready, add it to the jeans jacket.

Now that you already know how to choose and how to wear women’s denim jacket, it ‘s time to rescue the piece at the bottom of the closet and produce stylish outfits to raze.


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