WordPress 3.3: Finally with Drag-and-Drop Images

It is the heart of many blogs and technology sites there. The WordPress, content management system (CMS, its acronym in English) opens a world of opportunities for those who adopts it. In version 3.3, available for download today, we still have some facilities to more than justify the immediate installation of the software.

The most notable of these, an old desire of those who know and use the WP is sending files via drag-and-drop (famous drag and drop). After clicking the upload icon, the user simply has to open the folder and drag all the files you want to send at once to the server. You know how it works: when you drag the mouse cursor files for sensitive specific area to feature, files automatically go up to the server.

In the changelog application still has the files to support description .7z and .rar, to the delight of those who want to go up archives for WordPress. Very good.

The menu on the side of WordPress has been improved. Moving the mouse cursor over the actions, the user opens a floating submenu with other options related to that action. For example, “Pages” lets you create a new page or edit an old page. Also in terms of interface, WordPress 3.3 has gained special floating balloons to give instructions to the user. Very useful for when a plugin new is installed and the developers want to show in a practical way where is each resource.

We use WordPress on our site. The core of the software is great. And we still have the possibility to develop their own solutions to site – specific problems. You know the highlights bar that appears on the cover of our site below the site of the brand? It was produced upon WP by our developer ninja Leandro Alonso.

WordPress also use in my personal projects and I can say I would not trade this for any other CMS. I recommend downloading now.