Work-out: How to Prepare the Body for the Carnival

Work-out: How to Prepare the Body for the Carnival

To join in the revelry without the risk of not cope with the pace of the four days with the samba in the foot, you need to be with the condition of cardiorespiratory in the day, and the muscles trained and well heated. Therefore, in these days preceding the celebration, invest in exercises to prepare the physical for the Carnival.

Work-out How to Prepare the Body for the Carnival

“But remember never to overdo it, watch his body and his answers”, guides the physical educator of the L&L Living area to the Body, and Felipe Cruz. “If you find that you are very tired and weak, rest. After all, you won’t get as exhausted on Friday of Carnival and hence not stand the joke.

Tips exercises to prepare the physical for the Carnival

Aerobic exercise and weight training can cause your body is more prepared for the efforts of the four days of the most popular festival in Brazil. See the tips in the physical educator Felipe Cruz.

Aerobic: aerobic activities cause that you support the hours jumping without compromising your physiological systems. The best is to bet on exercises like jogging, walking, cycling, swimming.

Both the race walking are sports that are easy and practical: only require a pair of comfortable shoes for your feet and a willingness to take the first steps. They will speed up the metabolism, improve the quality of your sleep, strengthen your bones and decrease the stress to your Carnival is full of energy and without irritation or pain.

Already swimming considered a sport complete, assists in the training of posture, to help in concentration, on breathing, on the recovery from injuries, and even provides a sense of well-being. If you have a pool nearby, don’t miss the chance to dive.

Pedaling is what everyone already knows: it gives that energy, strengthens the legs and hip and still guarantee the pleasure of enjoying the city more closely and without the engines roar. An essay to accompany the trios elétricos.
Weight training: the muscles, the ideal is to make the activities of strength and endurance, like crossfit, pilates, or even aerobics.

In crossfit, as the series are not pre-defined, and the elements used in each workout will almost never repeat themselves, you develop strength and endurance without getting bored.

The pilates will help stretch and strengthen the whole body, because they work the entire musculature, from the most superficial to the most profound.

Finally, the aerobics can help in increasing muscle flexibility, an incentive for you to be able to keep track of the blocks from the beginning to the end of the four days of revelry.

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