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Wyoming’s nature is untouched and beautiful. Experience water-spewing geysers, fascinating grizzly bears and snow-capped mountains. The US state of Wyoming is located in the US Midwest. The name means “Great Plains” and originally comes from the language of the Algonkin Indians. These eponymous plains, the Great Plains, extend across much of the state to the Rocky Mountains in the west. Although roughly the size of Great Britain, Wyoming has just under 600,000 people, which is why visitors will find almost untouched nature there.


In order to be able to reach all sights of this very extensive state, motorhome and rental car tours are recommended. The absolute highlight of any stay in Wyoming is a visit to Yellowstone National Park. Founded in 1872 as the first national park in the world, it is still one of the most popular excursion destinations today. Numerous natural spectacles await visitors on an area of ​​almost 9,000 square kilometers. Particularly impressive are the hot springs, many of which emit water, such as the Geysers Castle or Old Faithful. In Yellowstone National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, there are also numerous bison, grizzly bears and moose. South of it, the Grand Teton National Park with its peaks up to 4200 meters high offers a unique backdrop and great opportunities for camping, hiking, mountain biking and climbing. Jackson, 8 km further south, offers a real western atmosphere. Famous are the elk shovel arches in Town Square and the million dollar cowboy bar, where you can drink your whiskey instead of conventional bar stools on western saddles. With its perfectly developed slopes, the demanding ski area and the famous powder snow, Jackson Hole is also an absolute highlight for ski enthusiasts. Wyoming is also known as the Cowboy State because the legacy of the old Wild West is still held up here. Visit one of the many ranches in the middle of the prairie landscape and feel this special way of life and this attitude to life up close.

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The largest and most important airport in Wyoming is that of the city of Jackson Hole, which is served by numerous American cities. When you arrive you should note the time difference of eight hours. The state is characterized by a continental climate. As it can get very cold in the winter months, the best travel time for rental car tours and motorhome tours is between April and October.

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The first national park in the USA was opened in 1872 and delights its visitors with 250 active geysers in a volcanic basin.


Bison, wolves, bears, antelopes and many other fascinating animals can be observed in the vast nature of the Rockies.


The only nighttime rodeo in the world takes place in Cody in the summer months. Cowboys do a great show.


The authentic cowboy bar is located in the heart of Jackson and offers excellent live music and an exuberant atmosphere.

Wyoming Zip Codes