Xcover 3 Is Stable, Thin and Cheap

The 3 Samsung outdoor phone Xcover is a robust thing. It is protected by military standard and can dive trips, falls and sand baths. Very convincing can’t do it in the test, but it has one advantage: the price.A Smart phone that is intended for use in the open air, must be not primarily beautiful. Robustness is important, a good protection against falls and a dense housing, without prejudice to withstand also occasionally dives. The Xcover brings these attributes 3 and though it will win any design prizes, it looks even quite chic with its relatively flat casing for an outdoor Smart phone. But the qualities of the Smart phone does not lie in its appearance. It plays its trumps somewhere else, in the test it can but not completely convincing.

The biggest minus of the Xcover 3 is shown when switching on: the display can anything but inspire. With a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels on a diagonal of 4.5 inches, it reaches a pixel density of 207 ppi. A top Smart phone such as the Galaxy S6 brings it to a peak of 577 ppi. This is not bad in itself, because at a retail price of about 200 euros Xcover 3 costs less than half the current Samsung models, also reduce the resolution protects the battery and for practical use, the display is sufficiently sharp.

Mirror Display

Worse is, that strongly reflects the display in broad daylight and is difficult to read, in direct sunlight is almost nothing to recognize. There is an outdoor mode, which screws up the brightness of the display and lightens darker colors, but that comes at the expense of contrast and also only little help. The coating of the screen a little pleasure, the fingers not good about the dull surface, lubricating tracks are difficult to get to eliminate.

The operation goes but liquid by hand, the device responds quickly to inputs, apps launch quickly, GPS work reliably.Inside the pulses a quad-core processor with 1.2 GHz, 1.5 gigabytes of memory to the page are to him. This is no top equipment, but sufficient for a good pace of work under the currently installed Android 4.4-an update on Android 5 lollipop provides Samsung in Vista. Its limits the device Xcover 3 with graphically complex games pretty quickly, but it is also not thought and for a time selling game with Temple run 2 and similar games range performance and graphics from.

Samsung uses three hardware keys below the display instead of the usual home button flanked by two sensor buttons for the navigation. The surface of the keys is ribbed, they have a good pressure point and easy operation with gloves, for example. Settings, display sensitivity can be increased also to make also the touchscreen with gloves to operate. On the left side, the device has an extra button, the Xcover key, which can be different functions. A short and a long press start an arbitrary application, for example the LED flashlight and camera. Big disadvantage: the Xcover-key works only for unlocked screen, so its useful potential is almost playful.

Not Invulnerable

Who wants to check the Xcover 3 through its paces, should be aware, that the IP67 certification and the shock-resistant housing make it not invulnerable the device 810 G according to US military standard MIL-STD. Falls on the asphalt of up to 1.2 metres is it almost unscathed, but quickly is the plastic housing carrying quirks. Immersion in water up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes is no problem for the device. But “unbreakable” isn’t it this course yet. The open connections for headphones and micro-USB plug turn to be impractical: here sand and dirt can accumulate quickly, you get difficult to get out. After all: In contrast to other smartphones you can rinse Xcover 3 under running water.

The battery life is moving at an average level: get with the Xcover 3 well through the day with normal moderate use and has enough residual charge left in the evening. More intensive use, they range 2200 mAh of battery for 8 hours. Ordinary, but average values are, for outdoor use away from electricity and Sockets more reserves would be desirable-after all, the battery is replaceable.

The camera, which is not up to date with a resolution of 5 megapixels on the paper is not very convincing. Here too the low sale price must be considered, good camera modules quickly in to drive the price of a Smartphone. Unfortunately the camera from a few mega pixels get too little, images are detail-and contrast and reasonably persuasive only with good, bright daylight. The front-facing camera with a resolution of 2 megapixels provides appealing results.

Bottom line is 3 of in particular the relative cheap price convincingly at the Xcover-the device according to Samsung will currently cost 249 euros, in trading it should fall quickly below the 200-euro mark. For that you get a neat device which is ready for use in the open air and with its relatively flat housing is one of the more beautiful outdoor smart phones. Nevertheless, one must emphasize already shock protection and hardware buttons, to have pleasure on your Smart phone. The IP67 certification is not a unique feature, the reflective, bad-to-read display, the mediocre camera and only average battery life detract from the pleasure.