YouTube Launches Pay Channels with Monthly Subscriptions From R $ 3.90

The YouTube today launched a new program that will allow content producers tocharge a monthly fee for viewers to access the videos. Paid YouTube channels have subscriptions that start at $ 3.90 and offer a tasting period.

In the official blog, the Google informs that soon you can watch full episodes of Sesame Street or classic UFC fights, so that these channels are available. Currently there are 53 pay channels, which can be found here, but most can not be signed by Brazilian users.

Paid channels offer you 14 days to watch the content for free and decide if it is worth paying or not – if the contents do not like, simply cancel your subscription before the end of the test period. In some cases, there are discounts for annual payment: National Geographic Kids channel, for example, charges R $ 7.90 per month or R $ 59.90 per year.

When you subscribe to a channel, you can watch the videos on your computer, smartphone, tablet and TV, but it is only possible to subscribe via a PC. YouTube says it is working to support the signing of pay channels on more devices and will release more options soon.

The novelty is initially restricted to a small number of YouTube partners. If you want to create a paid channel, you can apply this form.

With a new way to make money producing videos (and perhaps more advantageous than clog content with advertising), it is likely to have more quality channels soon. You pay every month to have access to a channel on YouTube?